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Youth & Campus Ministry


The B&P campus youth ministry seeks to bring transformation to young lives through coaching and mentoring.  We are a group of young people who have decided to live life to the fullest with our God-given purpose and touch other lives with our hearts!



Guide the young people looking for self-worth to discover and live out the purpose and mission for which they were created.






To see more young people determined to become responsible leaders, devote themselves to establishing churches and communities, and exert influence in the workplace. Become a testimony to this generation in relationships and marriages, passing on the example of faith from generation to generation. Get ready for the second coming of Jesus!


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CONTACT Take the initiative to contact different young groups and enter into their lives

接触 主动接触不同的年轻群体并走进他们的生

EDUCATE Teach them the biblical worldview

教育 教导他们符合圣经的世界观

EQUIP Uncover talents, develop new leaders, and empower deacons

装备 发掘才干,培训领导技能,赋权执事

DISCIPLESHIP   Impact life one-on-one

传承 一对一影响生命

FELLOWSHIP   Build new fellowships amongst the groups

相交 建立团契生活

Core Value

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Be responsible rather than unreliable 尽责而非不可靠
Understand the expect
ations of God and others and live up to them 

Be proactive rather than lazy 主动而非懈怠
Pay attention to the needs around you and start doing them before being asked 意周围的需要,不等他人开口就着手去做

Be sincere, not hypocritical 真诚而非虚伪
Do the right thing with clear motives 

Be enthusiastic rather than indifferent 热忱而非冷漠
Have a fiery heart for God and life.  Stick to your mission to the end 对神及生命有火热的心,能持守使命到底

Be obedient rather than willful 顺服而非任性 
Do not follow the will of man; but follow the will of God 不照着人的意思,乃照神的意思而行

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