Seed Pictures Film & Media Ministry 系映影媒製作事工


看見 Now I See  |  Short Film 感動与啟發性微电影
Voice Above天国的声音

看見 Now I See | Short Film 感動与啟發性微电影


We envision to become a prominent, trusted, and approachable social media & film icon

for the young adult where they can look for life answers

and as they seek to live out the right-side-up Kingdom values.


In 2014, we started Seed Pictures Film & Media Ministry with the support of the B&P Ministries. We have made many films and video contents, including two Award-Winning Films. Our films have widespread across the world particularly in the Chinese Communities, such as China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia. Many churches feedback to us that they have been using our films to do various ministry work such as, discipleship trainings, be it one-on-one mentorship or classroom style.

Our contents are always recognised as creatively humorous yet thought-provoking and self-reflectional. We are most grateful to witness our films have been used to transform lives and bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since 2019, we've started a social media project named, Voice Above 天國的聲⾳ with a clear objective: to spread gospel truths and kingdom values in different forms of video

contents which are inspiring, educational and entertaining through popular social media platforms content to a wide audience. And we are giving it for free to watch online!