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Seed Pictures Film & Media Ministry 系映影媒製作事工


看見 Now I See  |  Short Film 感動与啟發性微电影
天國聲音 Voice Above

看見 Now I See | Short Film 感動与啟發性微电影


We envision to become a prominent, trusted, and approachable social media & film icon

for the young adult where they can look for life answers

and as they seek to live out the right-side-up Kingdom values.


In 2014, we started Seed Pictures Film & Media Ministry with the support of the B&P Ministries. We have made many films and video contents, including two Award-Winning Films. Our films have widespread across the world particularly in the Chinese Communities, such as China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia. Many churches feedback to us that they have been using our films to do various ministry work such as, discipleship trainings, be it one-on-one mentorship or classroom style.

Our contents are always recognised as creatively humorous yet thought-provoking and self-reflectional. We are most grateful to witness our films have been used to transform lives and bring people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since 2019, we've started a social media project named, Voice Above 天國的聲⾳ with a clear objective: to spread gospel truths and kingdom values in different forms of video

contents which are inspiring, educational and entertaining through popular social media platforms content to a wide audience. And we are giving it for free to watch online!


Distorted Values: It’s not a new thing saying the Hollywood produces films that go against what the Bible teaches us. And today when we search “Trending-Today” pages on any social media platforms, we will find they are filled with filthy contents that distort the values of sex, relationships, marriage, success...We also observe the trend that, globally the increases rate of suicidal, divorce, single parent, abortion, and etc. And yet, our younger generations follow these influential media and feed on their content every waking hour.

Breaking the 4 wall church: As Christian, we recognise the Truth shall set us free, but many times the teachings are kept in within the 4-wall-church. We don’t have much contents yet that explore how Christian values & the Gospel address the Truths that can set people free from broken lives that caused by distorted values and worldviews.


Young adult range in 18-35 year old & typically the pre-believer audience who are struggling with life’s issues particularly in family relations, sex and finances.


We want to consistently produce thought-provoking videos addressing the life-issues subjects in the form of skits, shows, short films for the social media platforms so that the new generations can access for free to balance up their thoughts to make the right decision in their life when need a quick answer for their life problems. The aim of such video messages is to help people realize the deceptions in the world that is destroying their lives. We want to draw them to seek the truth and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.