Our core values define who we are, as well as drive and permeate everything we do in the pursuit of God’s calling and the fulfillment of His mission for us.


  • PASSION FOR CHRIST - We are passionate to know, love and become like Christ in our walk towards maturity.


  • GOD’S WORD – We subscribe to the authority, sufficiency and primacy of God’s Word for our decisions, ministry and the whole of life.


  • PRAYER – We persevere in praying, claiming God’s promises and relying on the Holy Spirit.


  • INTEGRITY & AUTHENTICITY – Our influence comes with the authenticity of our character as we live and minister with integrity in all spheres of life.


  • NATURAL SPHERE OF INFLUENCE – All that we do in our natural sphere of influence at work, at home and in the community is spiritual and every believer is in “full-time service”.


  • SMALL GROUP DISCIPLESHIP & MULTIPLICATION – We focus on Intentional  disciple-making through small groups as the key to spiritual multiplication and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


  • FAMILY & COMMUNITY – We support one another in our families and community by God’s grace and our sacrificial love for one another.