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B&P Ministries was founded in 1994 with the objective of helping professionals and individuals engaged in business, to integrate their faith with their work life. This is because the marketplace is where they spend the majority of their waking hours. We endeavour to help them adopt Christ-like values so that their decision-making will be based on Biblical ethics and principles, thereby bringing God’s presence into their work environments and hence reaching out and eventually discipling their pre-believing colleagues and business associates.


The ministry was started by David Wong who initiated Bible discussions in his office with his colleagues and some of his business associates.


Over the years, the ministry has grown and expanded to include family members and different segments of society, including some foreign workers, young adults and children. We also partner with and support other marketplace ministries and local churches to bring God’s values to the business and professional environments.




To build Communities of transformed lives, positively impacting businesses, families, and society in their natural sphere of influence.  (Col 2:6-8)



  • Win the pre-believers

  • Build the believers

  • Equip laborers and leaders

  • Plant multiplying ministries







Our core values define who we are, as well as drive and permeate everything we do in the pursuit of God’s calling and the fulfillment of His mission for us.


  • PASSION FOR CHRIST - We are passionate to know, love and become like Christ in our walk towards maturity.


  • GOD’S WORD – We subscribe to the authority, sufficiency and primacy of God’s Word for our decisions, ministry and the whole of life.


  • PRAYER – We persevere in praying, claiming God’s promises and relying on the Holy Spirit.


  • INTEGRITY & AUTHENTICITY – Our influence comes with the authenticity of our character as we live and minister with integrity in all spheres of life.


  • NATURAL SPHERE OF INFLUENCE – All that we do in our natural sphere of influence at work, at home and in the community is spiritual and every believer is in “full-time service”.


  • SMALL GROUP DISCIPLESHIP & MULTIPLICATION – We focus on Intentional  disciple-making through small groups as the key to spiritual multiplication and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


  • FAMILY & COMMUNITY – We support one another in our families and community by God’s grace and our sacrificial love for one another.


Download slide deck on our core values




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