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Brief Profiles Of The Leaders


Peter Ng & Lily

Lily and Peter have 4 children. They are entrepreneurs and run a number of business enterprises mostly within the country. Both of them are very keen in marketplace ministry; they have devoted most of their time in raising disciples within the network of Business and Professional Ministries.


Peter Ng is the executive president of the B&P MInistries.

Peter Tan & Loon Lui


Peter and Loon Lui had been married since 1985 and they have three grown children: Caleb, Grace and Mabel. Loon Lui works as a scientist and Peter is a management consultant. They have been involved together in the B&P Ministries since its inception and they seek to make a positive difference in their work places.

Dr. Jimmy Mok & Peggy



Jimmy and Peggy are dedicated mentors to young leaders in our midst. They have one teenage and two young children. Through their Life group, they hold regular bible study and minister to international students, young working professionals and young couples.


Loon Wing Yuen & Cindy



Wing Yuen and Cindy have been with the B & P Ministry for the last 10 years. Their marketplace ministry includes young couples as well as professionals in the workplace. Wing Yuen and Cindy are married for 14 years and they have two children. Wing Yuen presently heads the Innovation program with a regional bank. Cindy has been managing her own business for the last 18 years.

Leong Mee Cheng



Sister Mee Cheng was helped in her spiritual growth by the Navigators in the ‘70s. Mee Cheng continues to serve with a warm and faithful heart. She holds regular bible lessons for new believers.


Winson Phuah & Jace



Winson Phuah is a youth pastor who desire to raise zealous generation for Christ. He stepped out in faith for the course of young people at the age of 27. By the grace of God, he founded Life Tree Youth Center in 2014, with a pioneering vision to reach out to the youth and nurture them through creative arts, filmmaking and music platforms. He believes that it is only when a person is wholly won over by Christ can win souls for Christ. It takes a true disciple of Christ to produce another true disciple.  He fell in love with a girl who grew up with him in the same church during his teenage year, whom later became his very first and the only girlfriend. He then married her in 2007, and God blesses them with four lovely children.

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