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Youth & Campus Ministry















The B&P Lifetree youth ministry seeks to bring transformation to young lives through coaching and mentoring.  We are a group of young people who have decided to live life to the fullest with our God-given purpose and touch other lives with our hearts!


What do we want to see?

The millennial generation (age group 13-25 with transformed lives), positively impacting other lives and communities in their nature sphere of influence.



What do we do?

We reach out to the next generation with the “Words of God”!

Cast them vision, help them to discover their purpose in life, develop their talents and abilities, channel them to the right platform (7 pillars of culture) to shine.

Make known to them their social responsibilities and empower them to impact and influence the society.  Create strategic partnership with social networks and mobilize youth to contribute in social change movement, creating a world without poverty (spiritually, mentally and physically).

Promote social entrepreneurship!








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