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Trends Shaping the Future

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These ‘megatrends’ are some of the key driving force of major economies and will sweep across the globe like a tsunami.  It will change and reshape how governments, businesses and societies must think and plan ahead in order to remain relevant and globally competitive .  


The B&P Conference brings together several prominent business leaders and thinkers to present and explore various key trends that will have major impact in the future marketplace.  

Whether you are a business entrepreneur, a professional or an employee, this conference will offer you valuable insights into some of the future trends which will affect all of us.  Learn from our speakers some best practices, collaborative action and key principles in managing change to renew and enhance your own business development plans for the future.



Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Venue:  Le Quadri Hotel, Block E,  UCSI University SW

Learning Expeditions

Learning Expeditions

This program offers a great opportunity for conference participants to visit a company of your choice.  Your visit includes a tour of the facility and a briefing by the senior management and CEO.   Round trip transportation to the company is provided.   Advance booking is necessary.  Please select from the participating companies listed below.

Note: The visit to all participating companies is on a first-come first-served basis.  If your first choice is unavailable, we hope you will be willing to make another choice.

Date: 24 Aug 2018, Friday

Time: 2:30pm to 6:00pm



Participants may select one workshop from the list below.

Date: 25 Aug 2018, Saturday

Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Venue:   Block  G, UCSI University, South Wing



B&P Ministries reserve the right to make amendments to the conference program. The changes may include changing venue, finding substitute speakers or moderators in the event that the original speakers become unavailable.

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